Welcome to Skybridge Counseling,


My name is Macie Stead, a licensed mental health counselor, and I invite you to safely explore and navigate life’s challenges in a comforting and supportive environment. Some people have never been to a counselor or have had bad experiences in the past. I want all my clients to have a positive experience, so I hope to dispel some myths and create a clearer picture of what counseling looks like in my office. The counseling process is a journey that starts with developing a strong therapeutic relationship. Without trust and respect in the session, it can be difficult to move forward successfully in therapy. Counseling helps uncover strengths and the inner-wisdom of the individual/couple/ or family. Progress happens gradually and is different for each person. Counseling is not intended to fix you, because you are not broken. It is the rediscovery of the strength within yourself; I  walk alongside you on this journey. Many individuals need support learning skills to help reduce symptoms and increase positive behaviors or communication. Additionally, you may want to process and explore different ways of thinking that are more helpful. The mind and body are deeply connected, clients can develop knowledge about those connections and practice skills to find balance in their lives. This office allows you the support to explore new ways of thinking and try new skills without judgment.

  • I am located at Browne’s Addition Wellness Center in Spokane, Washington. An appointment must be scheduled prior to meeting as walk-ins are not available. I will provide a free 20-minute meet and greet if you want to see if the counselor/client fit is right for you. I look forward to meeting with you!


  • Not every client/therapist match is a good fit, if you decide this is not the right time for therapy, or that the fit isn’t right I would be happy to refer you to additional resources.  Inform me via email and I can assist with connecting to resources if you would like. Counseling is voluntary and you have the right to exit at any time once enrolled, however, saying goodbye and wrapping up care is always recommended.