Columbia Records Success Using Path-Goal Leadership

  According to Vandegrift and Mutusitz (2011) Columbia Records, founded in 1888, is a major thriving music industry that has helped establish famous musicians, recording instruments, and is a digital music pioneer. The long-standing career of Columbia Records has increased employment within its company, as well as rocketing performing artist’s careers. The path-goal leadership approachContinue reading “Columbia Records Success Using Path-Goal Leadership”

Supervisor and Counselor Roles

Does my Counseling Experience Qualify me to be a Supervisor? Experience is necessary, but it is not the whole enchilada. Supervision and counseling are two professional roles that often intertwined, and sometimes confused. Supervision is the act of guidance and gatekeeping for new professionals in the field of counseling (Bernard & Goodyear, 2014). Supervisors haveContinue reading “Supervisor and Counselor Roles”