Sleep, Trauma, and the Brain

Trauma and Sleep Article written by: Macie Stead MS, LMHC Sleep is an often-underappreciated event by those who can do it well. Those who struggle with sleep problems- waking up too early, difficulties falling asleep, or intermittent sleep during the night- understand all too well how devastating lack of quality sleep can be. Now, considerContinue reading “Sleep, Trauma, and the Brain”

Questions Asked by Counseling Students:

Questions Raised by Masters Mental Health Counseling Students 1.Why is APA formatting necessary? “I’m not an English Student.” The American Psychological Association (APA) developed APA formatting to create a standardized format for the social and behavioral sciences. APA format serves multiple functions that improve writing quality and gives credit to authors. The strict formatting inContinue reading “Questions Asked by Counseling Students:”

Columbia Records Success Using Path-Goal Leadership

  According to Vandegrift and Mutusitz (2011) Columbia Records, founded in 1888, is a major thriving music industry that has helped establish famous musicians, recording instruments, and is a digital music pioneer. The long-standing career of Columbia Records has increased employment within its company, as well as rocketing performing artist’s careers. The path-goal leadership approachContinue reading “Columbia Records Success Using Path-Goal Leadership”

Supervisor and Counselor Roles

Does my Counseling Experience Qualify me to be a Supervisor? Experience is necessary, but it is not the whole enchilada. Supervision and counseling are two professional roles that often intertwined, and sometimes confused. Supervision is the act of guidance and gatekeeping for new professionals in the field of counseling (Bernard & Goodyear, 2014). Supervisors haveContinue reading “Supervisor and Counselor Roles”

Excercise for Body and Mind

Physical effects of exercise             Physical activity is defined as energy that is burned from the body doing any numerous amount activities (Marks, Murray & Evans, 2011). Physical fitness allows the body systems to move more naturally and helps organs, muscles, and skeletal systems work at their best. Staying active and exercising is important forContinue reading “Excercise for Body and Mind”

Demystifying the Diagnosis

What do clinicians diagnose with? The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was originally released by the American Psychiatric Association, when it changed its name in 1921. The DSM-IV-TR and the new DSM 5 are the currently used editions. The DSM 5 is now active, released in 2013, but some agencies, including myContinue reading “Demystifying the Diagnosis”